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"G8 sucks - another world is possible"

"G8 sucks - another world is possible"
19.06.2007: Beim internationalen G8-Seminar der GRÜNEN JUGEND war auch "Sanka from Sri-Lanka" dabei. Was er so erlebt hat beim "Garbage-8"-Gipfel lest ihr hier. Sehr lesenswert, abgedreht und ergreifend!

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June 02: The young greens today in Berlin had a very physically hard day just one day after their magnificent clubbing experience in the Big Berlin City. Starting from the history of the any G8 campaign (correct term should be alter G8), the young greens were on their way to get real time training of Blockades which they were get readying to face.

All of the greens who played as protesters were really happy as they were going against the Garbage-8, (G8) even in the training. First blockade was successfully dissolved by the ruthless police (the greens who were playing for the police literally jumped on to the protestors). In the second time protestors took the police by surprise as they had change their strategies successfully and manage to penetrate the police not very successfully. At the end of the day it was a real good practice and real a fun day for all. In the evening the greens were engaged in another heavy duty work.

G8 sucks - another world is possible

June 05: Today every body was in a real hurry as they were preparing for the long train ride to the Rostock city. Specially, for the surprise of many I got up bit early than Laura (he he ) and joined the gang going to the Greens office to place extra luggage which wont be going to Rostock. We then joined the remaining greens in the front entrance of the Hauptbahnhof of Berlin. It was one hell ride full of strange types of fun. Some were trying to play with some sticks as seen in the pictures and it was real fun to see how hard they were tying to follow Laia.

We got on to a train where we had pre-booked seats thanks to Ann and there were plenty of seats to shear with our humongous bags. Some were sleeping like me and some were drinking Beer, Beer and Beer.

The polish girls were "soooo polish” as they found "Zbysek” has some interesting things to share with, as something like a gas mask. In the train stain of Rostock we were warmly greeted by the uniformed reception officers as other thousands did. And we wait some time till we get the next train to the camp site. We really tried and we could see the rest of the reception officers in green vehicles (don’t get confused they have nothing do with we greens).

Left-right, left,… - we marched to our camp site!

So we started to fix our tent and tents and tents. The grand greens head-HQ was right next to us and freezing water was in bulk to every body. Or the moon light too. I was very, very tried and exhausted but never want to stop doing any thing I did. So does the rest I guess. We manage to finish with the tents and I found safe haven in Thiago’s tent and got on to the train back to the city and with in few hours of or grand landing in the camp site we were in the,

After few small, but long chats (ha ha) we were all heading to the Ba B Q organized by the greens there. It was wonderful experience. And it really was. A little chat with Mrs. Claudia Roth - it was really nice to listen to her words. Where is our friend Sanka from Sri-Lanka.. - ha ha She was due to take part in a discussion targeting nuclear deals between USA and India and I was so feeling fortunate as she invited me to give some inputs (but stupid Sanka from Sri-Lanka lost the train by 2 mins and couldn’t go there to the discussion).

June 06: In the morning I was desperate to go the shower as it was really hot inside the tent. So I had to wait from 8.30 to 10 till it gets the chance to go in. Any way the girls inside the showers were 6 mins late so it was bit late to me to get in. It was one of the quickest showers I took in my life. 7mins. During the shower I herd Kasia shouting Sankaaaa hurry up we are going to leave,…. So I just finish the shower and ran to the tent to get dressed up. I saw no one and thought that they all have gone leaving me behind thanks to my unpunctuality. Anyway I ran to the station and I had passed the small entrance to the station and I could barely hear the sound of the train and I was in the middle of the long line of vehicles trapped before the train when I realized that I had overran the entrance. So turned back and there was the Polish girls running towards the station. So at the end, Sanka joins the Polish girls and all three miss the train. Some how Kasia receive a text massage from Anna and felt bit comfortable.

But the train stopped in the middle of nowhere. The protestors had blocked the train track, their were many media who was supporting the Alter-G8-Movement but got really disappointed because of this. One such reporter from a news agency, end up talking to us. Unfortunately he had to sit next to me in the bus to Rostock and he never got any free time while were going there.

The nice thing about him was he interviewed me and Kasia, and I gave a clear statement condemning the violence saying that it ruins the campaign. So it was really late for any thing thus we three decided to do some walking and we took some pictures as well. Some with Strawberries!!

An endless line of questions for the exhausting Dr. Schmidt

After killing some time there, we all went to the Henrich Boll Foundation to meet MEP Dr. Frithjof Schmidt of the EU parliament who sponsored the GYG presence. There was an endless line of questions for the exhausting Dr. Schmidt. HE answered them one by one and showed no signs of annoyed, Pretty Tuff guy with lots of stamina, he he The discussion dragged for long hours and we went to a café to get some thing to drink. Hey, I had some really delicious German milk rise with Strawberry in it. Yummmyyy

June 07: Very early in the morning, people from the organizing committees came to us and started to describe the movements which are going to take place in the next day. Anyway some of us had other plans which were very interesting too. Some thing like going to a massive musical concert, where the most of the famous German artists going to be. Since most of the greens were in the camp except for the fun loving Finish greens, we had some slow showers and slow breakfast. Most of the Finish greens promised me that they are coming back to the camp and I can say good buy in a better way. But none of them were seen in the camp site at night...

Anyway we left the camp site in two teams and All the GYG members went to the media centre with Janna to update the webs and to do the Blogging. Within minute of reaching the centre greens were using apple’s to do the job. After some time we left to the concert by tram and we really thought that we are really late. But fortunately, we weren’t thanks to the massive number of people who were trying to get in. After throwing away all the water and liquid away we manage to get in. It was one big boll of heads…………….

At about 8 p. m. we left as one of the last participants as we had some greater plans in our head. Climb the fence of G8! The fence which protect Mr. Rubbish (Opps,.. I forgot to told you that Rubbish = BUSH) from thousands of his enthusiastic supporters from the alter-Garbage-8-summit.

Two brave GYG members took the hard decision to break free themself and climb the fence while others ere deviating the police. Some bribe the police ladies with flowers. Meanwhile South American delegations also took the decision to join the revolution and the three leading figures manage to climb over the massive fence in the middle of big cheers from hundreds of activists. Any way the team responsible for recording the whole event couldn’t take any photographic evidence of the American revolutionary since he was very fast over the fence. Any way the victories young greens were safe and sound as the lady in charge of the special Police riot team got hold by the GYG strategies. Go greens!!!! Rock the earth …

June 08: After a day full of action, we had a nice sleep in our tents. It was bit sad that the big flying mosquitos weren’t present in the sky looking after us and keeping us awake. We finish our packing within the matter of few long Minutes, (ha ha) and they were not smelling good as we had tons of dirty cloths all over us inside the tents. We were hurriedly heading to the station as Anna was saying in a rush,…

Good bye our camp...

So we ran in to the train. With lots of heavy back packs in our backs. Good bye our camp, good bye our dearest reception officers in uniform. May be we can met in the next G8!

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