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28.02.2007: The World Social Forum is the main event of the alter globalisation movement. It is inescapable, for all activists, to go to one Social Forum, the World Social Forum (WSF for specialists) being, of course, the best. Another world is possible! Everybody, here, sustain that. And this other world begins in Nairobi, Kenya, with activists of all around the world.

This is the first time that the WSF takes place in Africa. Choose the country of Wangarii Maathai, the "woman tree" (and first african woman to get the peace Nobel price), isn't harmless, when all the planet become counscious of the danger of climate change.

After South America and India, after decentralised World Social Forum last year, Africa can prove that the black continent isn't only the land of corruption, of wars and poverty, but a land of struggle and hope, too.

Experts and non-experts throughout the world get together to explain impact of globalisation on agriculture, democracy and medias, or to animate workshops where everybody is invited to express his/her point of view, to share his/her ideas.

Around the stadium where the WSF takes place are the associations: in favour of democracy, against the debts, to prevent AIDS. All these issues, so unusual for occidental people, show the diversity and the dynamism of african struggle.

All around the stadium are present many vendors too, and this is the dark side of the WSF. After all these years, merchandisation gain ground: entry price, different following the country where participants come from, is too expensive for kenyan people living in the ghetto. Inside of the WSF, water and food aren't within poorest's pocket. And the presence of all these vendors, who don't defend any cause, but who just want to learn a little bit of money in selling trivialities to all the tourists that, finally, we are, all these persons who had paied something to enter inside the WSF are human testimonies of the difficulties to make another world possible, and to concretise it.

But the goal is reached: after 5 days of debates and exchanges, everybody go back with his adress book full of the names of other activists, to make more and more networks, to connect all the people.

It's all folks ! Cheers, Young Greens in the World Social Forum

Sarah Trichet-Allaire (26), Mitglied der Französischen jungen Grünen und Sprecherin ihrer Ortsgruppe in Nantes war beim WSF und beim Gründungskongress der GYG. Sie studiert Computerwissenschaften und ist überzeugte Befürworterin von Freier Software, Feminismus, Menschenrechten und vieler anderer Punkte um die Welt besser zu machen.

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